JB Choi is an interaction designer having a background in proudct design, branding, psychology, and business strategy.


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UBRI Connect

Dear young people, the future is blockchain.

UBRI (University Blockchain Research Initiative) is the institution run by Ripple. It collaborates on research and technical development to stimulate widespread understanding and innovation in blockchain. UBRI also creates new curriculum to meet high student demand for learning about blockchain, cryptocurrency and other FinTech topics. UBRI’s partners are more than 18 colleges including MIT, Stanford and The University of Pennsylvania.

I created marketing design for UBRI Connect 2019, which was the event held by Ripple. Design goal was to make college students interested in UBRI. And the important point was that creating the Event Identity in addition to keeping Ripple Brand Identity. In the design, three circles beyond rectangular frame represent college students who think outside box. And the letters ‘UBRI’ connects each circle, which means UBRI connect the students who have common interests in blockchain. The proportion of circles is reminiscent of Ripple brand logo.