JB Choi is a UX/Visual designer based in NYC, originally from Seoul, South Korea, having a background in human-computer interaction, psychology, business management, and digital branding.


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BeCare MS Link

Now you can test your vision with your phone easily and effectively.

The BeCare MS Link app is an activity-based mobile app that collects quantitative and qualitative data to provide insight into Multiple Sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases. The app guides the participant to perform a series of tests to assess their neurological and functional performance and track how it changes over time. I redesigned the UI/UX for the Contrast Sensitivity Test in this app, which tests the user’s vision whereby the user must decide whether a pair of rectangular patterns are a match or mismatch.

I primarily focused on not using unnecessary color boxes and graphics, which were the main distractions of the test. I designed it within the framework of an operating system of iOS. I maintained all the same functionality and used the same rectangular pattern images as they complied with specific standards of medical assessment. I also kept the original brand colors and icons.